The original Chimney Sweeps homepage

We’ve worked with the company Coeval Fires since 2017, so we were delighted when they approached us for a website redesign of their sister company, South East Kent Chimney Sweeps. They wanted to rebrand to SEK Chimney Sweeps, complete with a new logo and a new van, and wanted the new website to match, using vibrant reds and dark greys.

We started by scrutinizing the existing content and asking the following questions: who is the customer base, what services are they prioritising, is the site easy to use and understand, and finally, how could we enhance the website for better lead-generation?

Building a Strong Visual Impact

A professional website has a strong visual impact, achieved through the use of beautiful imagery. Whether the website uses illustration, film or photos, it should look amazing and also be true to the company identity. When sourcing photos, if the client doesn’t have any to provide, we source images from free-to-use stock companies like Unsplash or Pexels, or if the client has given us a budget, we can purchase professional stock photos, or we can provide in-house photography (and now film production). There was a distinct lack of chimney-sweeping related photos, but we managed to source a good mix of stock photography to modernise and enhance SEK’s new website.

Enhanced User-Experience

The client provided a colour-scheme and logo and we built the homepage and navigation with sister company, Coeval Fires, in mind – keeping the structure similar for consistency. For the homepage ‘hero’ banner, we added a ringback request form for better lead generation. In our experience, we’ve seen that some users won’t want to read through the website and will just want to enquire for services. If the website looks professional enough, and the method of contact is easy enough (where they don’t have to dig around to find what they need), some users will just click through. A ringback request

Additional Copywriting & Clarification

When working on a website, we get to the heart of the matter, asking those previously-mentioned salient questions to inform any changes needed to the content of the website. Does the content contain industry jargon or is it easy to understand for a layman? We put ourselves in the mindset of the end consumer and the content is then rewritten or re-organised to make it more clear for them. We also make sure links, titles, and text use appropriate HTML5 standards and optimise what we can (within budget) for search engine optimisation, using phrases determined by you or us that the customer might be searching for. Where there is budget, research is done across the client’s local area’s services, to see where the website can be improved in order to better compete with their competition.

We can provide copywriting services using research and working with the company to determine what needs to be conveyed. For SEK Chimney Sweeps, we didn’t add any additional pages, but we did expand the content for many of the pages, for two reasons. One, elaborating on the services provided gives the customer peace of mind that the company is an expert in the field, and clarifies exactly what they do, so the customer will understand if the company offers the services they need. Two, the extra content also informs Google and other search engines about the exact nature of the company’s services, building a bigger picture of the company and what it does, meaning a broader range for customer’s searches.

A Clean Sweep for SEK


We believe the website looks much more modern and is very user-friendly. What do you think? For a better look at the new website, visit If your business needs a fresh redesign for your website, why not get in touch?