About Us

mtstudios was founded in 2004. Our first customers told us that, at that time, no-one in Kent was providing affordable, bespoke web development so we specialised in working with early web entrepreneurs.

mtstudios has evolved since then, but our strengths have not altered : we are still devoted to providing invaluable knowledge and applying amazing web technologies to solve business problems.

Nowadays we have over 200 regular clients, based in several countries.

mtstudios is based in the Discovery Park in Sandwich, Kent, and still run by its two founders.


Market-leading levels of both
business & technical knowledge.

Experienced at completing projects
both on budget and on time.

Competitive rates : for bespoke
development we are excellent value.

Not afraid of the big stuff : we have a
proven history of success where others fail.

Responsive communication : if you’re
a client, you’re always a priority.

We are agile developers, meaning we
spend more time creating and less time deliberating.

Tony Hogben
Technical Director

Keen camper, father of five and full stack developer. Tony founded mtstudios with Matt after graduating Bradford university and a brief stint in IT Sales.

Matt Stanley-Webb
Web Producer / MD

Podcast addict, cyclist and occasional kayaker.  Matt founded mtstudios with Tony after a decade of being a software engineer & project manager for major UK companies.