Case Studies

A selection of our more interesting, challenging or bespoke projects
for Kent Businesses that required innovative web engineering.

Full Lettings Management


Property Loft is an advanced cloud-based lettings management system allowing users to stay on top of all aspects of lettings administration whilst encouraging compliancy and best-practices.

The system covers all facets of property management including:

  • Property, landlord, tenant and contractor details
  • Tenancy agreement creation (including contract creation and management)
  • Communication tools including document and letter creation, email and SMS sending and complete tracking
  • Financial tools to track rental payments, arrears and maintenance costs
  • Maintenance management to track contractors, progress and billing
  • Regular checks and inspections with maps overviews
  • Marketing tools - leaflets, lists and window displays
  • A linked website, updated live
  • Integration with all of the property portals for live updates on property availability

The system has been built to run on all devices allowing users to keep track of their properties on the run as well as accessing features like inventories and inspection tools on-site when they are needed.

Uniquely Well-Featured AV Distributor Website

Evolved over eight years and offering benefits to Sahara's distributor network unique within their industry.

  • Full SAP Integration
  • Pricelists, Access Control, Ordering
  • Target Management
  • Project Pricing Management
  • Task Notifications
  • IceCat Integration for Product Descriptions
  • Branded PDF Generator
  • Improved & Expanded Every Month
  • Datafeed generation and consumption

App for School Dinner Menus

A bespoke system built for a major supplier of healthy School Meals in East Kent, serving over 30 schools and nurseries and serving over 6,000 meals every day.

The app allows parents to see what is being offered on the menu in the future, allows their children to give feedback on the meal they had today and provides allergen information specific to each parent.

Furthermore, notifications are used to communicate with the parents of individual schools and to promote useful communication back to Whole School Meals.

A Full Web Based Admin Area to build Weekly Menus
Simple Feedback to let the provider fine tune their selection
Support for all allergens and multiple siblings at various schools

Truckstop Barrier, Camera, Bookings and Accounts

A bespoke system built for the largest truckstop in Kent, handling in excess of 100,000 bookings per year.

Integrates into on-site cameras, label printers and payment gateways. Offering unique tools to traffic managers plus full control and time-saving accounting tools to back-office staff.

System currently has a 99.9% uptime, has saved a huge amount of staff labour and has allowed for improved quality of customer service throughout the Truckstop, leaving the site positioned to open a massive expansion in the next 2-3 years.

New for 2020

A brand new 20m+ truckstop at Ashford has our system fully integrated and extended to control access and motel room bookings.

Remote Staff Management, Timesheets & Rotas

Transport Investigations Ltd initially approached us to build a cloud-based Rota Management system to allow them to fairly assign staff to upcoming jobs.

Transport Investigations manage over a hundred distributed staff who aren't required to attend a head-office so communication and organisation was a serious challenge. We wrote a system them allowed them to build a Rota for a job, track staff hours and communicate automatically with those staff. Their staff could accept or decline a shift directly from their email and Transport Investigations are kept up-to-date via a real-time dashboard and informed of declined shifts so a replacement can be assigned.

After the system had been running successfully for a couple of years it was extended to help track the reliability of those staff. We created a tool that let these widely distributed staff check-in via their mobile phones simple by taking a "selfie". Thanks to the technology in most smartphones we knew where they were, what time it was and who was in the photo - thanks to facial recognition technology.

This information is all collated into a back-end system to help them track real-world staff shift times and solve any issues.

Event Management Tool

The annual Sahara AV Partner events require an uncompromising amount of organisation. With many hundreds of attendees from many continents that all require, room, board, collection from airports and bespoke entertainment the amount of admin and communication should be a year-long challenge.

Our bespoke event organisation tool reduces the work dramatically, in a cloud-based tool that allows all of the following aspects to be automated or managed.

  • Attendance Forms - Embeddable forms that require the essential information, with additional forms to complete attendee profiles as the event gets nearer.
  • Room Allocation
  • Reports for Errors and Omissions
  • Email Communication
  • Year-to-Year Continuity - Guests are allocated the same rooms, where possible
  • Reports for Dietary Requirements
  • Multiple-touch forms so that attendees are never overwhelmed
  • Attendee grouping so that email templates can be targeted to specific groups of issues