Unless you have a well-linked web site you maintain with your full
name all over it, Google search results for names can be very hit and miss, and include lots of results that are out of date or even undesirable. [more] It seems natural that Google’s trying to make people search results better by
introducing Google Profiles. Your Google Profile is a one page
nameplate with your identifying details: name, location, title, company,
and interests. Here’s what mine looks like right now (above).

They are free, easy to create and update and will now be my first recommendation for anyone wishing to clarify their personal online identity a little.  Of course, it’s a big help if your name is unique or rare, otherwise you had simply better be first to the service.  As ever, keep in mind risks of identity theft and be sensible about the type of information you list: date of birth, email or phone number are not advisable!

It will be interesting to see if other search engines start indexing the results, since the pages are publically viewable.