Anyone that followed tech news last years enjoyed the “Microhoo” debacle as Yahoo appeared to very publically shoot themselves in the foot.[more]

As if the fall out hasn’t been bad enough, with a shamed CEO and irrate shareholders, some of the hidden costs are now coming to light as their accounts records are declared.

So how much does it cost a company like Yahoo to say “no”? Seventy nine million dollars –  in outside consultancy fees – a staggering amount even in “big business”. Personally I wonder how much of that money was spent searching for reasons to say “no” since Jerry Yang seemed to reject the offer with zealot-like commitment from the get-go.

Who can read that figure without mentally conjuring a list of 10 better things to do with the money?  Hell, it’s hard to think of a worse way to spend the money; maybe they could have funded “Microhoo The Movie”, at least that might scrape a few dollars back?