A great article appeared in this months’ PC Pro magazine by independent journalist Paul Ockenden.   I broadly agree with 95% of it, and feel it might be of use to some of our clients, and potential clients, so I’ve uploaded a PDF copy here.

A few areas need a little clarification:

  • The article discusses the two choices of “Big Agencies” and “Inexpensive Individuals” to develop sites.  As a small team, mtstudios falls between the two, and has more in common with the latter, especially in terms of pricing structure.  However we have separate staff covering the two disciplines of design and development – the importance of which is covered by the article.
  • The article states that eCommerce solution can cost “tens of thousands of pounds”.  Whilst true, it should be noted that mtstudios sell a system suitable for most eCommerce starting a £2,000 – so don’t be put off!

Overall, have a read, but please don’t think it replaces the value to be had in speaking to someone in person.  We’d be happy to have a chat with you, and never try a “hard sell”, we genuinely enjoy assisting businesses in making the right decisions for their online presence.

How To Create A Web Presence For Small Business PDF