Portfolio: Property Loft

Project Details

Property Loft is an advanced cloud-based lettings management system allowing users to stay on top of all aspects of lettings administration whilst encouraging compliancy and best-practices.

The system covers all facets of property management including:

  • Property, landlord, tenant and contractor details
  • Tenancy agreement creation (including contract creation and management)
  • Communication tools including document and letter creation, email and SMS sending and complete tracking
  • Financial tools to track rental payments, arrears and maintenance costs
  • Maintenance management to track contractors, progress and billing
  • Regular checks and inspections with maps overviews
  • Marketing tools – leaflets, lists and window displays
  • A linked website, updated live
  • Integration with all of the property portals for live updates on property availability

The system has been built to run on all devices allowing users to keep track of their properties on the run as well as accessing features like inventories and inspection tools on-site when they are needed.

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