Portfolio: Transport Investigations Rotas & Check-Ins

Project Details

Transport Investigations Ltd initially approached us to build a cloud-based Rota Management system to allow them to fairly assign staff to upcoming jobs. Transport Investigations manage over a hundred distributed staff who aren’t required to attend a head-office so communication and organisation was a serious challenge. We wrote a system them allowed them to build a Rota for a job, track staff hours and communicate automatically with those staff. Their staff could accept or decline a shift directly from their email and Transport Investigations are kept up-to-date via a real-time dashboard and informed of declined shifts so a replacement can be assigned.

After the system had been running successfully for a couple of year it was extended to help track the reliability of those staff. We created a tool that let these widely distributed staff check-in via their mobile phones simple by taking a “selfie”. Thanks to the technology in most smartphones we knew where they were, what time it was and who was in the photo – thanks to facial recognition technology.

This information is all collated into a back-end system to help them track real-world staff shift times and solve any issues.