This article is a copy of the brand new newsletter I’ve written to welcome you to your local WordPress Community. If you’ve had a new website from mtstudios, chances are you probably have a WordPress website, built by me and powered by WordPress. This is the first in a series of free WordPress articles from mtstudios, each packed with helpful guides, hints and tips for using WordPress. Our aim is to empower you to use and take ownership of your website.

Having a WordPress website means that you’re one of the lucky ones. Not only does WordPress offer a multitude of features, but you as the owner benefit from being part of a community that is both world-wide and local. Never before has it been so easy to update or extend a website yourself.

Why is WordPress so Great?

Some of you already know the benefits of what makes WordPress so great, and came to mtstudios because we are a WordPress developer. Some of you may not have heard of WordPress prior to your new website, but were convinced by the good value it offered. Just to remind you of why WordPress is so great, I want to discuss some of the main features it offers website owners.

  1. It’s Portable
  2. It’s Easy to Use
  3. It Brings Costs Down

1. Website Portability

Before WordPress, if you wanted a website, you’d go to a developer who’d build you a website based on your needs and the developer would use one of many programming languages, written to his standards and preferences. Depending on the complexity of your website, this could be both unique and complex. Then, if that developer retired (or went bankrupt), you would have no choice but to take your website to another developer and hope they could do something with it, but most of the time it was more cost-efficient to start from scratch rather than try to figure out or modify someone else’s work. Imagine a jigsaw puzzle without the picture to work from, and you’re getting close to seeing the problem.

Three years ago, mtstudios saw that WordPress was becoming more than just a fad, and started to use it for many projects. In fact, WordPress is the first platform to become a standard within the web industry. Not only do we develop WordPress websites at mtstudios, but there is a wealth of other developers who use it too. Want to move to Scotland, Australia or Germany? You’ll find WordPress developers all over the world; millions of websites are being built with WordPress. And, due to its popularity and ease-of-use, it continues to grow.

Importantly, WordPress offers both flexibility and an integrated content management system (CMS). When you get a WordPress website, you can log in and edit virtually anything on your website.

2. Easy Updates to your Website

mtstudios | WordPress offers an easy to use CMSThis depends on how computer literate you are to some degree, but for WordPress, we draw this analogy: if you can create an eBay or Gumtree listing, you can edit your WordPress website yourself. With WordPress, you can maintain a portfolio or products, manage photo galleries, edit any text, create news articles or blog posts, and more. If you’re hesitant, mtstudios has resources to help, from guides on our WordPress Tutorial website, to this newsletter, as well as my new twitter feed where you can subscribe to weekly hints, tips, and tutorials.

At mtstudios, we want you to really own your website, to understand that if you don’t like the text on your ‘About Us’ page, for example, you can change it!

3. Saving You Money

In the past, if you wanted to add new pages, change text, add photos, or the website wasn’t built flexibly enough to allow this, you would be charged an hourly rate for small changes or a larger fixed price for bigger issues. With WordPress, if you use our guides and tutorials to learn how to make changes yourself. You don’t have to ask mtstudios to edit your website every time your prices change or you have a new photo album to add. Of course, we’re here to make those changes if you don’t have time or inclination to do it yourself. But, my aim is to empower you so that you have the choice.

In Summary

mtstudios | kent's Local WordPress CommunityDid you know that when your WordPress website was created, you’d be part of a world-wide community? There are many hundreds of great websites dedicated to teaching and extending WordPress. Since I started at mtstudios over two years ago, we’ve built more than 50 WordPress websites for local businesses. This means East Kent really has its own WordPress community. Together, we are an invaluable resource of information and support and this newsletter is the start of bringing us together to give our businesses the best websites possible.

At mtstudios, we don’t ask if we should build a website with WordPress, we try to think of a reason why we shouldn’t. Yes, I am a WordPress evangelist, and I believe that WordPress is the greatest thing that ever happened to your website and maybe even your business.

Ready to get started?

Christina Stanley-Webb
WordPress Developer at mtstudios

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