Bigcommerce LogoWe’re very excited to announce that we’ve officially joined forces with Bigcommerce to offer you the best e-commerce experience available. As part of the Bigcommerce Partner Program, we’ll now be building retail sites on the fastest-growing e-commerce platform in the world.

Why did we partner with Bigcommerce? As we hinted in our recent post about the adoption of WordPress the increasing commoditization of web development has left our in-house e-commerce platform, easyCommerce, looking distinctly lacking in some key features – specifically mobile and tablet optimisation and social media integration – and the cost of both adding these features and keeping them up-to-date has become prohibitive for a system with under a hundred installations.

Bigcommerce enjoy the income from 40,000+ regular payers and that lets them build features well beyond our means, and then include them for free.  At that point, we’re doing our customers (both prospective and potentially existing) a disservice by offering them our system as the most appropriate to their needs, even if it is the most profitable.

Bigcommerce make it easy for us to build beautiful, effective e-commerce sites that are optimized for SEO. And their built-in tools make it easy for you to manage and market your store once it’s built.  We’ll also have more opportunities to showcase our clients’ sites across the Bigcommerce network.

Reseller Badge - MediumWe’ll post here when we publish our first store with a BigCommerce backbone.

We couldn’t be more excited to partner with Bigcommerce! We expect a long, happy relationship together.